Mechatronics Lab with Arduino (ATmega168) and I/O Board

I heard lots of good things about Arduino as it entered the race with Basic Stamp at much lower price. In not so long, I bought an arduino-ready board from ETT to give it a try.

With this board, we can develop programs in two ways.

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Mechatronics Lab with AVR ATmega16 and I/O Board

Originally, I used PIC16F877 microcontroller to teach mechatronics class (see the page PIC & I/O Board). While most PIC compilers are expensive, AVR has WinAVR, which is a open source compiler, widely used and supported by a huge community. So I wrote example programs for AVR ATmega16 to use with ET EXP4 I/O board in the same way as I did for the PIC.

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Mechatronics Lab with PIC16F877 and I/O Board

This page provide information and handouts of Mechatronics lab for the course EGME361 Robot Actuators and Sensors and EGME362 Introduction to Mechatronics. Please note that all the documents are written in Thai language.

A hardware set is developed to give students hand-on experience in programming and interfacing with various actuators and sensors.

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Seu Portal de Aprendizagem de Mecatronica na Web!

Aprender cada vez mais é sempre útil e ter a informação certa na hora certa se torna cada vez mais necessario navegue pelos menus e aumente seu conhecimento, seja criativo e desenvolva seus proprios trabalhos!!!

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